They stole my arts

I created a campaign on Kickstarter call #ShorterForGreater. (

I made 10 drawings to make postcards for this project.

There were 7 designs out of 10 I drew so far when took my drawings -- cropped and edited, translated to Spanish without asking me for permission.

On September 15th, 2015 had couple friend requested on facebook.

I ignored those friend requests because theirs were no mutual friend I know.

In somehow, on 16th felt like I should accept those requests. So I did.

Lucky or not, their activities had shown on my new feed that they liked a topic of drawing that looked just like mine but with Spanish words instead.

I was freaked out.

There were more that 7,5xx liked and over 3,2xx shared.

I never ever gain that much appreciations in my life.

Sadly, I still never get one because there was no credit referral to me.

Well, yes they did mention my name. But that's it. Just my name. No any other link where my project was funding. Nor my website (

only few people so far that spend  their time to looked up for my name on facebook.

I was sad. 

But I also tried to be positive. thousands of people like my drawing.  which is mean the messages I was trying to say is works.

So I created a facebook fanpage ( and contacted them in Spanish. 

With hope that they will nice enough to help me gain some traffic since they used my arts without permission.

they read my messages. 

So I went back to their page. 

they did added my Kickstarter url but didn't repost it as my requested.


I was like, well whatever. screwed them.

They had more than 8,xxx likes and 3,7xx shares on the 19th. 3 days after I found out.

I couldn't stand of not thinking about how many people who re-shared this post from theirs peers.


It had been a month and I still couldn't get over with. 

I wanted to do something. but I don't know how.




I reported to Facebook.

Yayyy !!