Shorter For Greater is now 110% funded


From the moment we are born, we are taught that the best accomplishment we can have is to be cute. 

We hear it all the time. “Oh, that baby is cute!”

My name is Ornuma Panmunee. Aka oORn" 

I draw people in my cartoony style. I’ve been drawing one person a day for years. One thing I’ve learned from this is that we’re all looking for love and connection.



These are 5 out of 10 postcard designs

In some way. I recently started the #ShorterForGreater campaign. I’m cutting my hair to donate to one of the organization. They use the hair to make wigs for people who are ill.

before and NOW

And I encourage others do the same. Cut your hair shorter to make a greater impact. We live in a culture where looks are highly valued. From selfies on Instagram to movie stars. Every one cares about how they look, even if we don’t like to admit it. That’s why I’m donating my hair. To help someone feel a little more comfortable in their shoes.

But I also want the world to stop focusing on looks so much. 
I felt it when I decided to cut my hair shorter. I kept thinking about how ugly I’d look. And others think the same of shorter hair.  Especially women. For this campaign, I’ll send you a postcard with an inspirational quote. Right to your doorstep. 

10 postcard designs feature women with short hair.


You can give your postcard to someone as a gift and let the message travel. I hope you’ll listen to the message. But most importantly, I hope you’ll do something with it.  


** Update the 7th design


One and Only hand drawn tote bag

for the special treat :)


Risks and challenges

I have done 6 out of 10 postcard designs. 
Have more than 20 girls with short hair drawing in stock, picking the best one for another 4. 
Only challenge is money for get these postcards printed.


09/30/15 Funding Date

10/5/15 Sent off postcard designs to publishing company (

10/14/15 Receive Postcard from publisher

10/25/15 Send out Rewards

(Throughout the project, I will keep you all updated on how everything is progressing forward and alert you of any changes.)


70% Printing & Publishing ( 
20% Shipping (Flat Rate) 
5% Kickstarter Fee 
5% Credit Card Fee

We've come a long long way together, 
Through the hard times and the good. 
I have to celebrate you baby,

Special Thanks : Mokoa & Amp; Mitchell Southam Remix for an awesome song.