I'm a girl with 23" Long hair

I'm an Asian girl with 23" long black hair.

This is my second time in my whole life that have hair this long.

Most likely My hair was barely pass shoulder length.

Last year, I did layers, It was a waste!

I regret that decision so much. I shouldn't have done that. it's not because I don't like to cut my hair but it's because I should have saved my hair for donation.

Now the short hair is calling me again. And I want it to be short hair with shaved sides!!

So yeahhh My hair can be valuable to someone who needed!

I'm planning to donate my hair for Locks of Love foundation.  10" healthy hair is the requirement. 23" is the longest length of my hair (8/1/15)

I dried my hair about 6 months ago.  It's quite in a just fine condition.  I want all the best to this donation; to sure my hair will being use.  So, I'm taking time to treating it for couple months.  To be sure my hair is nice and healthy, ready for Wig.