let have a drink.. or couple

Hey my dear, would you like to grab a beer and chillax? , I asked my hair.

My hair is over 21 (of course, we grow up together) so I won't mind if she want to have couple drink and we both can be relax.

I had heard of using beer to soften our beloved hair but I hadn't had any chance to do it. I was totally forgot about it. Until I did the research, beer is one of everyday object I can use in order to treat my hair.

I found a bottle of half full beer in my living room. Hell yeahhh~ let celebrate.



Internet said, mix 3 table spoons of beer with 1/2 cup of warm water. After you shampoo your hair, rub in the solution. Let it set for couple minutes. Then rinse it off.

But that's not me.
All I knew was I had beer. I'm going to dump whatever had left into my hair. Since that was the old beer. No one want to drink it anyway. I don't like to waste the alcohol -- unless my hair can enjoy it.

I also do another way around. 
I rubbed in that half bottle of beer to my hair. I left it set for over 30 minutes with grocery bag covering around my head.
It smells just like beer. (Of course!)
Then shampoo it.







I would say..
I LOVE IT!! So so much.
My hair was so soft and smooth.

Treating my hair with Beer is my favorite one so far.



I will definitely do it again.
(When I have some left over beer which rarely happened)