How I used Olive Oil To Strengthen My Hair.

I did some research online of how to treat my hair by using everyday object.

I got a bunch of surprising products I can use. Such as mayonnaise, butter, beer, tea, vinegar, and baking soda.

I started with Olive oil. I use it with my skin, hair or even use it as the make up remover all the time. But I never know that I should reheat it for a few seconds before use (That's what they said on the internet). Lol


So, I heated the olive oil, applied it to my hair. Wrap my hair with grocery bag. Then cover it with a towel.

I spent time in a bathtub for 45 minutes while let the olive oil do its job.

Then I rinsed it of by using shampoo for 3 time!! Because I knew how greasy it could be.

Overall, I don't think heating part is needed. The result was the same of didn't heat it.
As well as plastic bag, it wasn't give any much different if you're not using it.
(But it protects your furniture, clothes, etc away from oil.)

Yes, olive oil helps add moisturizer back into your hair. I alway make sure I have olive oil in my house. It's so useful and multifunctional. If you don't want to wait for 45 minutes, you can just put the olive oil to your hair and cover with the towel then just go to bed. I do that all the time.

Tip** if you have oily hair, don't be afraid to try Olive oil. I have oily hair too. All you have to do just make sure you shampoo you hair and rinse properly. I rinse my hair 3 times. :)))

Please try. You'll love the result.