#ShorterForGreater project has been successfully funded!

Yayyyyyyyyyyy !!!!


I'm so proud and happy.

(with my short hair and with all you guys!)

These are final postcards that will ship as soon as I got them from the printing company.


Project Timeline update (10/01/15)

09/30/15 Funding Date (---- Yayyyy we made it, Thank you so so much)

it was 10/5/15 Sent off postcard designs to publishing company (moo.com)

* These girls with short hair are already on the press since 09/30/15.

Soon after I knew I nailed it! :)

10/10/15 is the Estimated delivery date to receive Postcard from the publisher.

Then I try to send out rewards by

10/25/15. As soon as I got all the backers informations.