Why I Hate Homeless People (And How You Can Help)

I hated this homeless man.

He wanted money for the bus and I gave it to him. He said he had to leave town. I felt amazing helping this strange man.

A week after, I saw him in the exact same spot. I walked past him and he again asks me for bus money.

He didn’t even remember me! I felt bad at myself for being tricked.

It’s amazing how furious you can become when you’ve been tricked out of your money.

Here’s the thing though:

I’m still way better off than him, so why should I be mad? I get to home every day to a warm bed and him, even though he’s lying to get money, probably sleeps on the streets.

And I probably made his day a little warmer.

We sometimes focus too much on how things make us feel. Especially when that feeling is negative. We let it ruin our whole day.  I was livid that I was tricked out of 5 dollars. 5 dollars! I can’t believe I let that ruin my day.  Even though I felt so good when I thought I was helping that man get on the bus.

So here’s me giving back. I recently cut my hair (Ah!) to donate to a cancer charity. They help provide wigs for those that are ill.

I started the #ShorterForGreater campaign so that others can join in cutting their hair and making a greater impact for those in need.

I made a Kickstarter where all of the money raised will be donated to charity. In exchange, I send you my handmade postcards of women with short hair with an inspirational quote. Right to your door.  I’ll even cover the shipping cost.

I hope you’ll give it a good hard look.

Help someone else make their day a little warmer.