When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Like Google

Everyone in business always says that if you’re kind, you lose. This is not true. Relationships are built in honesty. You get customers by being honest and transparent. 

I’m in love with Google. He’s honest. I ask him a question, and even though he doesn’t know the answer, he’s honest about it. 

“I don’t know. But here are 20 other people who do,” he says. 

Thank you Google. 

You’re not afraid to recommend your competitors. 

Lying and cheating might help you in the short term. But eventually, you’ll die from the many lives that you’re living.

Who wants to live their life lying and hurting other people anyway? We only get one life. One shot. In the end, the universe sends us through the same black hole that eventually spews us into stardust.

Creating new life and new experiences. Be kind to someone today. Tell them you like their shoes. If you see someone doing something nice, tell them you noticed.


I can’t drive a car. And I’ve been embarrassed to tell people. Sometimes I lie and tell them I do. But one day Google will make self-driving cars and I won’t have to lie anymore. 

Then we can all travel and meet. And fall in love.


Until we get spewed into stars.