The route I belong to.

This month is the 2nd years anniversary of me as a printmaker.

Before I left my home country all the way to Chicago to reach my destination.

I got my B.F.A. in a major that I’m lost interest in it over time.

Back then; I thought it’s too late. I couldn’t change anything. 
So I continued studying in a major I regretted.
I got a job, worked and dislike and Unhappy.


I decided to reroute my direction.


And 2 years later, I found my own track.
The route I belong to.

The background of this illustrate is my very first print I ever made.(Click here to see the original etching print)


And here I am.


I (constantly) work hard to make sure I am enjoying my journey

I have got lots of great memories as well as unsatisfied.


Those are found not in the finishing the goal but during doing it.