What's good?

What's good?

Is sex good? Is chocolate good? Is saving people good? Is curing cancer good? 

Is being in time to work good? Is remembering your wife's birthday good? Is saving a lion good? 

Is not being lazy good? Is Not killing people good? Is not cutting your hair if you're a woman good?

I wanted to cut my hair a long time ago, but everyone around me went crazy. "Don't do it!" They would say.

But now I'm going to do it. I'm going to donate the hair to a charity that helps children with cancer.

Is donating hair to charity good?

Well, let's see the reverse. What's bad?

Is losing a loved one bad? Is forgetting your phone at home bad? Is losing friends bad? Is getting hurt bad? Is getting sick bad?

When you look at the reverse, it's easy to see that things we usually as bad, aren't really bad. Nor are they good.

The universe doesn't care whether you lost your friend. The virus that gave you the flu is just trying to survive as well.

Was the asteroid that hit the earth and killed the dinosaurs bad? Or was it good because it gave humans life?

And quickly, we see that things are good when they selfishly benefit us.

So for today, forget about what's good or bad. Do something for someone else. Cut your hair and donate it to charity. Help someone with their bags up the stairs.

People smile, dogs wag their tail, birds sing. 

Maybe the universal good is that we're all trying to look for some happiness in this amazing universe until the day we die.



Let's help each other find it.