Made by you

I was playing the trumpet on my porch when the old lady who lived across the street yelled, "learn how to play!"

I was 13 years old and my audience hated me. So I did what any kid would do. I played louder and louder to annoy her.

"You suck!" She kept yelling out her window.

For the longest time I kept thinking she was an evil woman who hated everybody.

I was walking by her house once when I picked out a lead from the tree in front of her house. 

"Leave the damn tree alone!" She yelled. I ran.

But now I realize, I shouldn't judge. She taught me a lot. She taught me that we're all fighting our own battles.

And there's always a reason behind somebody's madness. It could be that she was lonely. Maybe she didn't get along with her family.


Who knows?

It's just like the iconic converse shoes. They are one of the few shoes that are unisex. They don't make separate shoes for men and women. They make just one for all.

The identity comes in the way the person makes the shoes theirs.

Converse' recent "Made By You" campaign, spotlights Chuck Taylor shoes worn by famous people like Andy Warhol and Patti Smith.

Chuck Taylor's are the same, yet not the same. There's nothing that says you like a good, worn pair of shoes.

You've worn them with your imprints. With your dirt. With mud. With paint. With sweat. They breath your personality.

They say not to judge someone until you've been in their shoes. But that's not true.

Don't judge someone until you've worn your own shoes. Because we're all fighting a battle. And if you can see what makes you, you.

You can see what makes someone else them.

Yes, I do suck at the trumpet. And that's okay. 

I'll learn how to play. Thanks for the advice.