You know yourself better than anybody else

I was having a bad day. I was biking home from work and it started to rain. Then my wheel got a flat. A piece of glass puncturing not only the wheel, but my heart.

I biked home with a flat tire. The rim scraping across the surface of the streets. 

When I got home, I realized I forgot my laptop's charger at work. It was one of those days.

Then someone knocked on my door. It was a friend I hadn't seen in a long time. He had moved away and was visiting in town. He brought me a cupcake because it had been my birthday a few weeks earlier, but he couldn't make it. 

Instantly made my day.

When you're feeling stuck, you have to shake things up. The picture I drew this week explains this well. It's a frowning face, but when you shake it up (turn it upside down) it smiles.

If happiness is as simple to gain as meeting an old friend why would we ever choose to be sad?

If you're feeling sad, do something about it. Call up an old friend. Invite him out for dinner. Call people you love and talk with them on the phone. Invite people over for a movie and make popcorn.

You know yourself better than anybody else. When you feel down, do things that'll lift you up.


It's as simple as that.

-Happy Monday-