Why you shouldn't focus on problems?

I thought my dad hated me. When I was little, I was trying to open a jar of strawberry jam. My hands hurt from trying and trying.  I ran to ask my dad (and expected) to help me. “No”, he said,  “What if I wasn’t here? How would you get strawberry jam then?”  He gave me a rag and went back to work.

I was pissed and upset.  I thought he didn’t love me. Why doesn’t my dad love me!!?” I wanted that jam for my bread so bad.  I remembered the fresh and bright flavor of it when my mom used to spread it on my pancakes. She wasn’t here to help me either. I looked at the rag in my tiny hand.  Oh well, open it or regret it.
I covered the lid with a rag.  I held my hands tight to the jar.

TADA!! It was the best strawberry jam I ever tasted!
Most problems always have a good ending.  Or we don’t see the good when we’re knee deep in all the shit. Sometimes we may have to find another way around.  Rotate it, Twist it or else just shift your focus – get your mind off it and look for other possibilities.

Don’t think of a problem as just another problem. Nothing is good or bad. It’s just that this tiny human brain in the middle of this immense, infinite universe has decided to perceive it as bad.

Even shit, can fertilize the most beautiful flowers. 

-Happy Monday-