Where I can find the happiness?

One time I fell and cut my knee. I was bleeding and started to cry. I was a little girl in Thailand and I ran to my father. He said “Stop crying. It’s far away from your heart.”

I always remember that sentence.

Sometimes, we let insignificant things stop us from living in the now. I was told once that life sends us two arrows. The first arrow is the initial blow that life sends us. It could be we lose our job. Or we go broke. Or our relationship with someone we love dies.

The second arrow is how we choose to react to it.

The second one kills us.

It stops us from living in the present and observing all the opportunities for happiness we have right now. Murakami says that we get two or three shots at happiness. I don’t know if this is true. Who knows?

But I do believe that they are rare and they are so easily lost if we don’t remember to live in the present.

So right now, right this moment, what are you grateful for? Grab it. Don’t let go.


-Happy Monday-
(and stay warm)