We need to decide

I left my job when I couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't get out of bed in the morning. That's always a sign something isn't right in your life.

My co workers were toxic, my boss made everyone feel anxious.

When I put it that way, why wouldn't I leave my job? But it took me too long to actually do it. I kept thinking it was wrong to quit.

But I'm an idiot. We keep thinking it's hard to make decisions. That we have to know more before we make decisions. We need more time.

But we don't need more time. We need to decide.

My mom used to shop for bags all the time. And she never had trouble picking out the ones she liked. 

I asked her, "how are you so good at picking out the right bag?"

When I go shopping for clothes, I take an awfully long time picking out the right ones. 

"I know what I want," she said. 

And that was my problem. I took too long making decisions overthinking everything. Even though in the end, I still went with my initial feeling. 

My decision to quit my job should've been made as soon as I was unhappy. Why did I endure more unhappy days? 

That time I spent at a shitty job could've been spent looking for a better one. Or making art. Or spending time with family.

We spend too much time thinking about decisions. Even though deep down, we always know what we should do. 

We don't need more time or information to decide. We just need to decide.

- Pick your bag -