We are all the same.

I was working in the museum

when I overheard her tell her husband i couldn't speak English.


Actually, I didn't overhear. She said it out loud. She wanted me to hear.
I had told her she couldn't bring drinks in the gallery and she would have to throw her bottle of water out.  She did. And then she made fun of my accent. I immediately got so angry.

Why would she say that knowing it was going to hurt me? Did she care?

Whatever. There's always going to be those people. I read somewhere about the 1/3 rule. In everything that you do, 1/3 of people are going to like you. 1/3 of people are going to hate you. And 1/3 of people won't care. So I choose to only focus on the 1/3 that will like and support me.

But even so, I'd just like to remind us that we are all the same. We may come in different packages, small and large. But we're the same on the inside. Just like all those different containers that milk can come in.

So yes, racism, or people that hate you, is still alive. I feel it every day. But let's remember and remind that we're all the same. I hope you will tell the 1/3 that loves you. And ignore the ones that can't change. 

They aren't worth your time. I'm so glad you're in my 1/3.


-Happy Monday-