The secret is..

I'm wrong a lot and it hurts. In fact, I'm more wrong than right. Seth Godin says, whoever fails the most, wins.
Fear used to particularly useful. We needed something to warn us when a lion was about to hunt us. But now, there are no lions we have to escape from. There's no real danger. 
But the emotion is still there. It's eating us. 
Remember in class when nobody raised their hand when the teacher asked a question? We're afraid to be wrong from an early age.
Being wrong hurts, but it doesn't kill you. 
My picture shows a little girl when it's right side up, but when you turn it on its side, it's a monster eating a little girl.
I want to show that the fear is within us. But it's just that. Fear. My hair isn't really going to kill me, is it?
So go ahead. Stand up. Be willing to be wrong, to make mistakes. To take responsibility for those mistakes.
Sometimes, it takes realizing that the bee dies after it stings to stop being afraid of bees.


-Happy Monday-