Money doesn't solve your problems.

All my life, I've thought that money was the goal. I chased it, I fought for it, I cried for it. Ugh, what a drag. And for what? It didn't make me happier. Money doesn't solve your problems. It solves your money problems. 

What did make me happy, is doing what made me happy. I know this sounds obvious, but maybe it isn't so obvious. I always thought that the way to make money was by doing things that didn't make me happy. My family for instance, didn't like me doing art.

I found that ideas are money valuable than money. I write down 10 ideas every day. Ideas about anything. Even if they're bad. Every once in a while I get some good ones. But not if I don't write down 10 every day.

These ideas have led me to explore, create (like this newsletter for instance), care, and learn. They always lead me to a new adventure. And I've had more fun than I've ever had in my life because of my ideas. I don't know. But that's priceless.


-Happy Monday-
(and Say hi to Spring!)