I was homeless the other day. I was at work when I noticed I didn’t have my keys. You know those moments? When you randomly take inventory of your possessions to make sure it’s all there. You check your pockets. Your purse. Your bag. 

Wallet, check. Phone, check. Keys…Wait.

I was at work and noticed I lost my keys. I called my landlord and he wouldn’t answer. I left him a message. A few minutes later I called again. Another message.


I arrived home and my door was locked. I was hoping my landlord had opened it like I asked him to on the message. But he must’ve not gotten it yet.

I sat outside and just wondered about my life. Why do I always lose things? Why am I so dumb? Why do these things keep happening to me?

I went to stay at a friend’s house for the night. And then the next morning, I found my keys in my bag.

And it made me realize something. We make life difficult for ourselves. 

Our doors have too many locks and we don’t have enough keys. But the thing is, we choose the number of locks we have. These locks come in many forms:

Excuses – We can go look for a new job when we hate our current one, but we say we don’t have time. Or we say we’re not qualified and don’t even bother applying.

Gate Keepers – This is the best time in history to choose yourself. Want to write a book? Self publish on Amazon. No need to find a publisher to pick you. Want to make a movie? Upload it to YouTube. If you don’t pick yourself, no one else will.

Saying No – We live in a culture where we have to say yes to everything or we’ll be viewed as lazy or stupid. We say yes to bad relationships, bad jobs, bad food, doing things we don’t want to do. We think that if we say no to something, we might lose opportunities. But on the contrary, saying no to the right things gives you more time to find the right opportunities.


Once we remove the number of locks in our doors we will find the magic that’s on the other side. The locks don’t just magically appear on the door by themselves. We put them there. 

And we can take them off. We always have the choice. 


-Happy Monday-