How To Get Anything You Want

Life is unfair. I work hard at something and then I fail. I see people who have seemingly worked so little and then they get what they want.

Then there's overnight successes. Facebook got popular quick. Google was big for as long as I can remember. The ice cream down the store has always been busy.

And here I am trying and trying and trying. But now I know that's a lie.

There's no such thing as an overnight success. Facebook lived under Myspaces' shadow for a long time. Google was unknown for a while. 

It's just that nobody hears about you until you've made it. 

So instead of crying, "why can't I be successful?" I'll keep working hard, fail, and repeat.

Kernel sanders didn't make KFC until his 80s. 50 shades of grey was rejected by many publishers until the E.L. James decided to self publish. Thomas Edison failed 1000 times until he finally invented the lightbulb.

And even then, Thomas Edison didn't say he failed. He famously said "I haven't failed, I've found 1000 ways that won't work.

So keep trying. Keep failing. Follow your fears. Never think that you're too old or too late to do something.

And don't forget: if you want something, make it happen. Don't wait around hoping to be and overnight success.

-Happy Monday-