hey my little Amelie!

Fear holds us back we think it will be fatal. If we try something and fail, we think itll be fatal. If we raise our hand to ask a question, we think we'll look so stupid it'll be fatal. If we step out of line, it'll be fatal.

Seth Godin taught a class at NYU. He gave no homework, no tests. The class was graded completely in participation. 

He had an assignment for the class. They were supposed to one by one, stand in front of the whole class, and call a random random number. Then try to sell them a subscription to Time Magazine. 

Well, 1/3 of the class refused to do it.

Seth said, "what's the worse that could happen? They will hang up."

Once we get through the fear, we realize that it isn't fatal. That we're not running away from lions anymore.

So stand up, do something that scares you. Because that's where the value is.


-Happy Monday-