Happy birthday to my mom

There are three kinds of people. Giver, takers and matchers. In Adam Grant's book Give and Take, he talks about this. 

Givers give without wanting anything in return. 

Takers are freeloaders who never give. 

And matchers believe there should be justice in the world. If you give, you should also take. 

I was in an art show the other day along with many students. We all got to showcase our art in a gallery. And in return, we each had to volunteer in the gallery for one hour so that it could stay open. 

Everyone showcased their art. And nobody volunteered. As a result, the gallery closed since there was no one to help out. 

This is an example of takers. They take, and aren't willing to give anything. Even after they promised they would. They're only interested in themselves.

My mother was a giver. She's a nurse in Thailand and I always loved how caring she was with people. She took care of everyone at the hospital and everyone in our house. Sometimes, I feel bad that I didn't look after her more.

I feel like I'm a combination of a three. Maybe we all are. I think what's important is which one you are most dominant in. 

I try to give when I can. And I try not to expect anything back. It's a practice.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. And so I give this to her. Mom, if I could give you the world, I would. Thanks for teaching me right from wrong. Thanks for teaching me to give. Thanks for teaching me to not expect anything back when I give. 

I know I asked for money sometimes. I know I asked for your forgiveness. I know I asked for your love. I know I asked for sympathy. I know I asked for you to understand. 

And thanks for giving it all to me. Even when I didn't deserve it.

But now it's my turn to give.

the most important thing you taught me is to value time above anything else. And spending time with the ones I love is most important.

The days are long. But the decades are short.

Mom, I give you my love. And no, I don't expect anything back. 

Happy Birthday. 
(to my awesome mom)


-Happy Monday-

to all you guys!