Behind the Wall

I hate snow globes.
They always made me feel sorry for whatever person was in there,
all cramped up bundled up in the cold when I shook it.
It felt like a trapped life for whoever was in there. Couldn’t even escape winter.

But then…I look at other people’s lives. I look at my life. And we’re all in a snow globe. Not physically (although the earth could be a snow globe) but mentally.
A mental snow globe. One where we’re too scared to venture out into the world.
One where we’re afraid to take risks. One where we’re too scared to explore because we’re afraid of what we’ll find. One where we’re just…afraid. We have to stop being afraid. And just go. Do that thing you’ve been planning to do (You know what it is).

The point of the snow globe is to shake it. Shake up your life.
Do it again and again. Eventually…

maybe one day, the snow globe falls and breaks. And lets you free.


-Happy Monday-