A Disney Dollar

All my life I chased the money.
I bought expensive things because I thought I needed them.
I wanted a nice car, a nice house, friends with nice things. 

But as I grew older, I found myself feeling empty.
My 26th birthday is this week and as I look at my room, it is filled with so many "things."

Someone said to me the other day, "For how many extra years of youth would you give up all your assets, job, and connections? (keep your friends and what you've learned).

And I didn't have an answer.
Maybe I was scared to answer. Scared that I may have spent decades, chasing years.

Life is a big Halloween party. Sluts at the Halloween ball. People with masks who want to love you, backstab you, hate you, hug you. We never see people's real self.

I want to be able to remove my mask.
To not focus on the money. To not chase solely for the money.
Money I can always make back, but time is lost forever.

Just like in this Nirvana picture I made.
It represents what I feel now on my 26th birthday. I'm a baby because I feel a sort of rebirth.

And the money I'm chasing is a Disney Dollar. A representation of the dreams of every child.

A lot of people ask what their passion is. They have no idea.
I always tell them to remember what they loved doing as a kid.
That's your passion. Go do that. oorn

Life has a way of squeezing out our passions through the pores of our faces.

I'd rather be hated for who I am. Than loved for who I am not. 

- Happy birthday to me. -

The mask is off.