I feel it might work. Magic.

This Changed My Life On Christmas

I tried to speak to my dog, but she wouldn’t answer. It was Christmas Eve and my mom had told me a little lie: At midnight on Christmas, animals can speak. It was some old myth.

So I waited until everyone was asleep, went to my backyard and tried to talk to her. But she wouldn’t answer. Only stares that looked straight into my heart. 

But that’s okay.

There was magic in the air. Anything seemed possible. The snow had melted in the rain, but the silver moon created enough beauty.

When we get older, somehow, the magic slowly escapes out of our lives and instead uses its powers to make the days shorter and predictable. 

I found that the secret to getting that magic back was by breaking my routine. When we’re kids, the possibilities are endless. We play hide and seek. We go out with friends. We send love letters to our crushes. We dream about what we want to be when we grow up.

When we’re grown, we wake up, go to work, come back home, pay our bills, watch TV. And repeat. No wonder the days pass by like a moving bus that didn’t see us waiting at the bus stop.

By breaking your routine, you invite uncertainty back into your life. 

I’m going to share with you how I changed my routine. It’s very simple. 




It doesn’t matter what you give. It can be a dollar to the homeless man on the way to work. It can be saying “Good morning” to everyone you see. Even strangers. It can be helping someone with their bags climb up the stairs.

One Christmas, I decided to pass out handmade holiday cards to every homeless person I saw. I wrote a nice message on them and taped a dollar inside.

I wanted to make people feel like somebody was thinking of them. To maybe even make them feel like a kid again.

I know this works for me. But don’t believe me. Never believe anything anyone tells you. Try it for yourself and see. 

Today, ask yourself: What can I give today? Who can I help? 

If you ask, the universe will respond. And it will take you into a rabbit hole of many adventures.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. That used to scare me. But now it’s a blessing. Because I get to explore and figure it out. Maybe I’ll never figure it out. That’s okay too.

There’s no ONE thing. God isn’t a high school guidance counselor. For now, I like to give and help people.

The cards I passed out to the homeless people on Christmas, I remade and am launching a Kickstarter so that many people can do the same. Pass the love forward. Give them out to someone you don’t know. Make them feel loved this holiday season.

This is just another adventure. Maybe I’ll meet some nice people. And on midnight, maybe we can talk to animals together. I feel it might work. Magic.