If you really want to catch your dream, you have to chase it

Everyone has dreams. Me too.
I want to be an illustrator and I know I should chase for it.
I try to be productive every day.
I have been carrying a notebook around every day for almost a year.

Every time when I looked back, I feel great to myself.
I came so far.

Now I have someone who likes my art.
I barely feel confident about my art back then.
One of my most supporters tells me I can do it.
He believes in me, why can’t I believe in myself.
I must make my dream come true.
We have 24 hours each day.
I want to do more with my time. Instead of complaining there aren’t enough hours in the days I try to be more productive.
I want to do better. (And I have been spent most of my time surfing on Facebook)
That’s my weakness. I knew it, ahhhh!.
I wanted to achieve better results – I know I can do better but why I feel so stuck.
I’m still working on this one. This one is my top concern for now.
I want to earn more with my time.
Because it means I’m increasing my earning potential.
It also means I’ll have a better chance to get back on track again if I fall.
This will help you so much in the long term.
Soon enough,
I will improve over time. (I wish!)
When you try to be more productive, you do things, you learn things, and you try things. It could be work or fail. But these build your skills. You will gain knowledge and wisdom.


Be More Effective

I’m on “One A Day” project.
Trying to post one drawing of everyday life subject – every day.
here is a link > http://www.ornumap.com/one-a-day