Life Is A Beautiful Ride

Life is scary.

Life leaves you with bruises.

Life is full of surprises.

Life makes you cry.

Life makes you wish you hadn’t done that.

Life makes you fall in love.

Life leaves you heartbroken.

Life is fun.

Life is confusing.

Life is everything you wanted it to be.

Life is everything you didn’t want it to be.

But most of all, life is a beautiful ride.


Enjoy its ups and downs. Remember that when riding your bike on a hilly road, every time you go down, you always go back up.

But they are both part of the ride.


You only get one.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

I feel it might work. Magic.

This Changed My Life On Christmas

I tried to speak to my dog, but she wouldn’t answer. It was Christmas Eve and my mom had told me a little lie: At midnight on Christmas, animals can speak. It was some old myth.

So I waited until everyone was asleep, went to my backyard and tried to talk to her. But she wouldn’t answer. Only stares that looked straight into my heart. 

But that’s okay.

There was magic in the air. Anything seemed possible. The snow had melted in the rain, but the silver moon created enough beauty.

When we get older, somehow, the magic slowly escapes out of our lives and instead uses its powers to make the days shorter and predictable. 

I found that the secret to getting that magic back was by breaking my routine. When we’re kids, the possibilities are endless. We play hide and seek. We go out with friends. We send love letters to our crushes. We dream about what we want to be when we grow up.

When we’re grown, we wake up, go to work, come back home, pay our bills, watch TV. And repeat. No wonder the days pass by like a moving bus that didn’t see us waiting at the bus stop.

By breaking your routine, you invite uncertainty back into your life. 

I’m going to share with you how I changed my routine. It’s very simple. 




It doesn’t matter what you give. It can be a dollar to the homeless man on the way to work. It can be saying “Good morning” to everyone you see. Even strangers. It can be helping someone with their bags climb up the stairs.

One Christmas, I decided to pass out handmade holiday cards to every homeless person I saw. I wrote a nice message on them and taped a dollar inside.

I wanted to make people feel like somebody was thinking of them. To maybe even make them feel like a kid again.

I know this works for me. But don’t believe me. Never believe anything anyone tells you. Try it for yourself and see. 

Today, ask yourself: What can I give today? Who can I help? 

If you ask, the universe will respond. And it will take you into a rabbit hole of many adventures.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. That used to scare me. But now it’s a blessing. Because I get to explore and figure it out. Maybe I’ll never figure it out. That’s okay too.

There’s no ONE thing. God isn’t a high school guidance counselor. For now, I like to give and help people.

The cards I passed out to the homeless people on Christmas, I remade and am launching a Kickstarter so that many people can do the same. Pass the love forward. Give them out to someone you don’t know. Make them feel loved this holiday season.

This is just another adventure. Maybe I’ll meet some nice people. And on midnight, maybe we can talk to animals together. I feel it might work. Magic.

What’s your Jail?

We all have them. Make a list of all of them you have:

-you hate your  job, but you still keep the same one

-you want to write, but you don’t

-you say you want to start exercising, but you don’t

-you go out and drink every night.

-you say you want to travel more, but you don’t

Jails aren’t just places you go when you’ve been bad. They can be mental, physical, and spiritual battles.

Most of these cages and jails can be attributed to excuses. We say we don’t have time to write that book.

We say we’ll start eating healthier, but starting after the New Years.

We say we’ll sit down and read that book, but, “It’s such a nice day outside. It’ll be a shame to waste it.”

And then, years later, we still haven’t done any of the things we wanted to do. We’re still overweight. We’re at the same bad job. And we still haven’t written.

The thing is, we have a choice. We’ve always had a choice. We can choose to be inside a closed jar, circling around and around in the water.

Or we can leave. We can transform ourselves and fly to vast oceans we only thought existed.

But it starts with today. No more excuses.

The best time to start was last year. The second best time, is today. 

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Kid Again

Be who you needed when you were younger. That means two things:

1. Many people ask me, “How can I find my passion?” And I usually tell them to write a list of the things they liked doing when they were a kid.

Passion is abundant when we are young. We play. We draw. We sing. We write. We color. 

But then we grow up and we are told we have to make money. So we choose things like accounting or a dentist. No one really wants to be an accountant.

Making money from your passion is simple: Do what you love and use it to help people. Then, the money will follow.




2. When we are young, we seek someone older to inspire us. Whether it was your teacher or your father. We all have that one person. 

For me, it was my dad. He always did everything he could to help his students.

I think that if we could all try and inspire someone, the world can be a better place.

I really admire Seth Godin. When he said that I could interview him, it changed my life forever. To have someone be so famous and have them take some time out of their day to talk to you. It’s life changing.

Reach out to someone today and offer to help them in any way.

It’s how the seeds of friendship and opportunity are sown.


When you’re a kid, possibilities are endless. The future is bright. Cartoons are great. Holidays are magical. Weekends are fun. And Summers are endless.


Teach me how to be a kid again.

If you really want to catch your dream, you have to chase it

Everyone has dreams. Me too.
I want to be an illustrator and I know I should chase for it.
I try to be productive every day.
I have been carrying a notebook around every day for almost a year.

Every time when I looked back, I feel great to myself.
I came so far.

Now I have someone who likes my art.
I barely feel confident about my art back then.
One of my most supporters tells me I can do it.
He believes in me, why can’t I believe in myself.
I must make my dream come true.
We have 24 hours each day.
I want to do more with my time. Instead of complaining there aren’t enough hours in the days I try to be more productive.
I want to do better. (And I have been spent most of my time surfing on Facebook)
That’s my weakness. I knew it, ahhhh!.
I wanted to achieve better results – I know I can do better but why I feel so stuck.
I’m still working on this one. This one is my top concern for now.
I want to earn more with my time.
Because it means I’m increasing my earning potential.
It also means I’ll have a better chance to get back on track again if I fall.
This will help you so much in the long term.
Soon enough,
I will improve over time. (I wish!)
When you try to be more productive, you do things, you learn things, and you try things. It could be work or fail. But these build your skills. You will gain knowledge and wisdom.


Be More Effective

I’m on “One A Day” project.
Trying to post one drawing of everyday life subject – every day.
here is a link >

I know I can

Why being a grown up is so hard? 26 years old girl complained.

For me, adulthood wasn’t that awful but tough.

For mid 20, yet I feel doubtful about my life.

A Million questions dash my face over and over.

I feel lost more often.

I don’t know what to do.

I knew I could draw then what?

What can I really do with it?

One day, I told my lil sis that I felt unsteady.

“You are thinking too much.  You are doing well.  I even told my mom about how your talents and braves were impressed me when I first knew you”, she said.

That’s it, Simple but beautiful. (To me)

I choose my life.  Wake up -- choose to be happy and joyful.

I choose to feel the freedom.

I don’t mind the failure but I can’t stand for ‘not trying’


I know I can (I know I can)
Be what I wanna be (be what I wanna be)
If I work hard at it (If I work hard it)
I'll be where I wanna be (I'll be where I wanna be) - Nas


- You know you can. Be what you wanna be-

The route I belong to.

This month is the 2nd years anniversary of me as a printmaker.

Before I left my home country all the way to Chicago to reach my destination.

I got my B.F.A. in a major that I’m lost interest in it over time.

Back then; I thought it’s too late. I couldn’t change anything. 
So I continued studying in a major I regretted.
I got a job, worked and dislike and Unhappy.


I decided to reroute my direction.


And 2 years later, I found my own track.
The route I belong to.

The background of this illustrate is my very first print I ever made.(Click here to see the original etching print)


And here I am.


I (constantly) work hard to make sure I am enjoying my journey

I have got lots of great memories as well as unsatisfied.


Those are found not in the finishing the goal but during doing it.


When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Like Google

Everyone in business always says that if you’re kind, you lose. This is not true. Relationships are built in honesty. You get customers by being honest and transparent. 

I’m in love with Google. He’s honest. I ask him a question, and even though he doesn’t know the answer, he’s honest about it. 

“I don’t know. But here are 20 other people who do,” he says. 

Thank you Google. 

You’re not afraid to recommend your competitors. 

Lying and cheating might help you in the short term. But eventually, you’ll die from the many lives that you’re living.

Who wants to live their life lying and hurting other people anyway? We only get one life. One shot. In the end, the universe sends us through the same black hole that eventually spews us into stardust.

Creating new life and new experiences. Be kind to someone today. Tell them you like their shoes. If you see someone doing something nice, tell them you noticed.


I can’t drive a car. And I’ve been embarrassed to tell people. Sometimes I lie and tell them I do. But one day Google will make self-driving cars and I won’t have to lie anymore. 

Then we can all travel and meet. And fall in love.


Until we get spewed into stars.

Why I Hate Homeless People (And How You Can Help)

I hated this homeless man.

He wanted money for the bus and I gave it to him. He said he had to leave town. I felt amazing helping this strange man.

A week after, I saw him in the exact same spot. I walked past him and he again asks me for bus money.

He didn’t even remember me! I felt bad at myself for being tricked.

It’s amazing how furious you can become when you’ve been tricked out of your money.

Here’s the thing though:

I’m still way better off than him, so why should I be mad? I get to home every day to a warm bed and him, even though he’s lying to get money, probably sleeps on the streets.

And I probably made his day a little warmer.

We sometimes focus too much on how things make us feel. Especially when that feeling is negative. We let it ruin our whole day.  I was livid that I was tricked out of 5 dollars. 5 dollars! I can’t believe I let that ruin my day.  Even though I felt so good when I thought I was helping that man get on the bus.

So here’s me giving back. I recently cut my hair (Ah!) to donate to a cancer charity. They help provide wigs for those that are ill.

I started the #ShorterForGreater campaign so that others can join in cutting their hair and making a greater impact for those in need.

I made a Kickstarter where all of the money raised will be donated to charity. In exchange, I send you my handmade postcards of women with short hair with an inspirational quote. Right to your door.  I’ll even cover the shipping cost.

I hope you’ll give it a good hard look.

Help someone else make their day a little warmer.

How To Be Ugly

I hate saying, "It's the inside that counts." It's a cliche and it's over used. Sometimes, you just want to look pretty. 

You want people to compliment you. You want to be skinny. You want to be loved.

But every time I've focused only on the outside, I've been miserable. It made me meet the wrong people. Date the wrong people. 

I can only speak from my personal experiences. Every time I've been broke. Every time I've been so lonely that I looked at my contacts to see who to text and found nobody, I had to fix my inside first.

I had to exercise. Not to look good. But to feel good. I took walks every single day.

I had to be around people I loved and admired. They say you're the average of the 5 people you hang out with. This is true. 

I had to come up with ideas. Mental health is important.

And I had to surrender to the universe. Whatever I can't control, it's okay. I'll leave it up to the universe. In the end, things work out and it's stupid of me to try to change the universe.

If you do those four things, it'll show on the outside. Outward beauty is a symptom of having inner wealth. Not a cause.

At the end of the day, who cares if the cake looks amazing. If it doesn't taste good, I'm not eating it.